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Safety Regulations / Accreditations for Chimney Sweeps

Although there is no official law in the UK regarding chimney sweeps it is important to take a leaf out of Germany’s book when it comes to the safety of your chimney and its maintenance. It is recommended you...

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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide is completely odourless and colourless, making it invisible and very difficult to detect without specialist equipment. As a result Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning presents a real and very dangerous risk in any home with a gas fire...

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Chimney Winter Precautions

 Is Your Chimney Safe? It’s that time of year again – the nights are darker and colder and winter is creeping in! So while you’re getting ready for Christmas, checking you have the wrapping paper, stockpiling mince pies and...

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Avoiding Flue Fires

Around 31,000 households per year in the UK suffer a flue fire through lack of or inadequate cleaning of their chimney flue.  This could easily be avoided if regular periodic cleaning was carried out. The main causes of flue...

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