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Am I Required To Have My Chimney Swept For My Home Insurance?

Here are a few FAQs about your home insurance and professional chimney sweeping. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, our contact details can be found below.


Will an annual chimney sweep ensure that my home insurance is valid?

Having an annual chimney sweep service will ensure you are fulfilling all of your insurance obligations. Make sure to read your policy carefully. Most policies will require a professional chimney sweeping once a year. If you ever need to make a claim, having an in-date chimney sweeping certificate shows that you actively maintain your home.


Do all chimney sweeps provide certificates for their work?

All qualified chimney sweeps provide a certificate on completion of their work. This is for the homeowner’s peace of mind and to fulfil insurance conditions.


What is a draw test and is it included as part of my chimney sweeping service?

A draw test is designed to check that a chimney is clear with no blockages. To guarantee the chimney sweeping service has done its job, a draw test must always be carried out.


Will a chimney sweeping service leave a mess?

Professional chimney sweepers use many methods to keep your house clean and free of soot while they do their work. Screening the fireplace and using industrial vacuum cleaners during the cleaning process ensure there is no mess before, during or after the sweep. Air quality will also remain high and improve if your chimney has been blocked in any way.


London Chimney Sweeps guarantee that whether you burn coal, wood or multi-fuel on any kind of draughted fireplace, we’ll make sure your chimney is in top condition over the winter. We offer cleaning, chimney liners, power flues and much more. As Gas Safe registered company and a HETAS registered installer, you can rest assured that your chimney is safe and compliant with your home insurance. For any more information about our services, make sure to contact our friendly team today.


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